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The Alchemist - Hand Carved - Selenite Wand/Staff - Ribbon, Knot/Cord Spell - Ritual Tool - Witchcraft - Engraved with Runes


This listing is for the exact wand pictured.

It is made of selenite and carved with the Zodiac and the Planetary symbols, as well as moon phases and the "as above, so below" symbol along the top.

The carvings show up differently depending on how the light hits it, so I took several pictures to show the difference.

Photos taken in natural sunlight.


The planetary symbols are not in the exact order they are found in our solar system. I just carved them as they came to my head.


  • Purple (spirituality, divination, connection to the divine)
  • Silver (wisdom, Goddess work)
  • Black (protection, banishing negativity)


  • 16 inches long,
  • 1.25 inches wide.


I include signature confirmation for this wand. If you do not want it, leave a note at checkout.


Comes on a keychain ring to protect the wand during shipping. You'll have to attach it when you receive it.

If you prefer a different charm, leave a note at checkout.

I have triquetras, ankhs, Tree of Life charms, and arrowheads.


Please note, I freehand all of my carvings, so there will naturally be imperfections.


I'm happy to do custom orders! I can carve sigils as well as phrases in Latin, Runic (I know the Germanic and Elder Futhark), and Angelic script.

If you have a particular sigil or symbol you would like carved, send me a photo first so I can make sure I can do it.

You can customize the ribbon colors and charm as well.

Send me a message to inquire!


This is not a "perfect" stone and has little dents in some places.

I do not guarantee any metaphysical outcomes from using this athame.

Keep ribbon away from flames.