Taurus Zodiac Loose Incense


Burn this incense to connect with Taurus energies. Taurus individuals are creative, strong, and independent. They nurture others and project positivity into the world. However, they may become stubborn, possessive, and self-indulgent if they are misaligned with their sign. This incense blend was made with herbs to realign Tauruses and bring forth their positive attributes, re-center their energies with the Earth, and spark new inspiration.

*Please note the sizes are based on volume and not physical weight.

Taurus Associations:

  • Element - Earth
  • Polarity - Negative
  • Quality - Fixed
  • Ruler - Venus

This incense is my own recipe made through research of elemental herbs. All incense are tested on bamboo charcoal. Scent may vary slightly between bottles. Herbs are mixed via mortar and pestle with pure intent in a clockwise direction, and my mortar and pestle is cleaned between recipes using olive oil instead of rubbing alcohol. No Saltpeter is used in any of my incense. 

We do not guarantee metaphysical outcomes from using this product.