Tarot reading by Genie Fae


If you have a specific question or would like to provide any details before I do your reading, please send an email to asabovealchemy@gmail.com. If you don't have a specific question I'll do a general reading for the energies and events around you. 

How the reading will be done:

Before each reading, I cleanse my cards with white sage, and charge the deck with quartz crystals. Throughout the reading, I will have white sage purifying the area, as well as handmade loose incense burning tailored to your particular question. I will take pictures of the reading which will be provided in the document. After the reading, I will type up the outcome of the reading and my interpretations of the cards.

I will either send you a PDF version of the summary, or send me an email if you prefer it mailed to you via USPS. Please leave a note if you want it handwritten!

Types of readings:

  • One card reading - This is a great choice for the asking the universe for a message. A one-card reading goes straight to the point, and there's no interpretation interacting with other cards. The most popular question for this spread is "do you have a message for me?" This can be asking the universe, spirits, ancestors, or Deities. Past, Present, Future - This is a three card reading to answer how a situation was in the past, is currently, and will be in the future. This spread is great for asking a specific question, such as "How will my relationship go?" or "Should I take this job?"
  • Celtic Cross - A ten card spread that gets to the specifics of your question. Each card position has a specific message for: you now, what is blocking you, your goal, what influences you now, what influenced you in the past, what will influence you in the future, your inner talent, how others see you, your hopes and fears, and the overall outcome. This is the traditional tarot spread. Make sure to ask a specific question for this spread, as opposed to asking for a general message.
  • Zodiac - The Zodiac is a twelve card spread which assigns an astrological sign to each card position. Each astrological house is then assigned a message. The Zodiac answers questions based on one's self, rather than an external situation.
  • The Year Ahead - Similar to the Zodiac, this is a twelve card spread that assigns an astrology house to each position. However, this spread gives you a goal, mission, or opportunity for each month of the year.
  • Chakra - This is a ten card spread which uses both tarot and chakras to determine where issues lie. This is a "discovery" spread which shows unknown blockage, and therefore what needs to be worked on. Each chakra is assigned one to two cards that follows the traditional chakra path.


Introduction to your reader:

Merry Meet! My name is Genie and I am an Eclectic Witch. I specialize in herbal magick, and have been practicing Tarot reading both professionally and for myself for over ten years. I weave herbology into my divination by burning handmade incense and purifying and charging my cards with herbal mixtures. I take Tarot reading very seriously, and treat my cards with the utmost respect. I am honored to help communicate the energies of the universe to you through the cards.

Blessed Be!


Disclaimer: Legally I must say this is for entertainment purposes only. I do not guarantee any outcomes (metaphysically or physically), and I do not guarantee the accuracy of my predictions.