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So Mote it Be - Carved Runes - Selenite Athame - Dagger - Circle Opener - Black and Red - Ritual Knife Tool - Pentacle - Germanic Rune


This is a selenite crystal Athame used for opening circles and ritual work.

You will receive the exact athame pictured.

Every athame is different and one of a kind.

Photos taken in natural sunlight.

Runes were carved with a detail diamond drill and read "So Mote it Be" in traditional Germanic runes.


  • 7.5 inches long,
  • 1.5 inches wide at it's widest point.

Last photo is the flip side of the athame.


  • Red (Power, Higher-self work)
  • Black (Protection, Banishing, Releasing Negativity)
  • White (Cleansing, divination)


Message me for custom inscriptions. I can do rune script, angelic script, or normal Latin characters, as well as sigils or other talismans.


This is not a "perfect" stone and has little dents in some places.

I do not guarantee any metaphysical outcomes from using this athame.

Keep ribbon away from flames.