Rose of Jericho - Set of TEN - Resurrection Flower - Selaginella lepidophylla


This listing is for TEN Rose of Jericho bulbs.

Common name: Rose of Jericho

Botanical name: Selaginella lepidophylla 

Each is about fist-sized. ***Recently, some bulbs are smaller, so we'll include 2-3 small ones to count as one if you're getting the smaller ones. Let me know if you specifically do or don't want the smaller bulbs.

Comes with instructions.

Video is a time lapse over 24 hours. Metaphysical uses: spirit connection, protection, cleansing. The water after the bulb is removed can be used as purification or "Holy" water.

How to use: Place the full ball with its roots submerged in water. It should then bloom for about 7 days (see second picture - which is after 2 days of water). After it has bloomed, sprinkle the water in doorways and windows for cleansing and protection. After you have used the flower for 7 days, remove it from the water and store in a dry dark place until needed again (it should dry back up, then bloom again when its placed back in water).

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee any metaphysical outcomes from using this product.

Not for medicinal use.