Rose Flower Essence - Flower Water


This rose flower essence was made on Midsummer (June 20, 2020) using flowers from my rose bush.

I used a cold-infusion method to preserve the magic and the flowers, and soaked these flowers over 9 hours in the sunlight of Midsummer. Rose essence is used specifically for apathetic states, to encourage spiritual healing and bring back motivation. Rose helps you overcome mental obstacles and negativity.

Rose's Mantra: "Now is the time for change. Know that your energy is a meaningful addition to the world. You are loved."

INGREDIENTS (most prominent to least): Rose-infused distilled water Food-grade vegetable glycerin (non-GMO) (as a preservative)

Please note, flower essence is not the same as an essential oil and does not have a strong scent. This one does have a sweet honey-like taste, though!

DIMENSIONS: 0.5 ounce glass amber bottle with dropper

DIRECTIONS: Take 1/4 dropper by mouth up to four times daily.

WARNINGS: Do not use in combination with blood sugar-lowering medications, such as for diabetes, without first consulting a medical professional.

ABOUT ME: Merry meet! I have been studying herbs since I was a child, then later under the medicine woman of my tribe, but am also working on my Master Herbalist Certificate through Heart of Herbs Herbal School. I infuse all my recipes with love, positivity, and healing energy. If you have any questions at all, or need a custom salve, feel free to send me a message!

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