Private Native American Flute Meditation - 20 Minute Zoom Meeting - Spiritual Healing

Hello and merry meet!
I have been practicing musically aided meditations since I was a small child. I play harp, flutes, and drums to connect us to our Ancestors and to the Earth. Every song will be improvised and based off your energies.

For this meditation, I will switch between a variety of Native American flutes to aid you in astral projection or meditation. While playing, the music should guide you through stories as you travel through your subconscious. Look for symbols and messages to clear blockages and help you heal.

Usually the first flute I play sets the stage for your stories. If you'd like a particular flute, leave a message or we can discuss at the beginning of our meeting. If you would like to let me know what sort of healing or blockages you're looking to get through, I can choose accordingly as well.

This meditation is for 20 minutes. I can do longer meditations on harp instead of flute if you would like more time than this.

**At checkout, please leave a note for what times works best for you and what email to contact you through. I'll send you a message within 12 hours to set up our zoom meeting. If possible, please give me 24 hours in advance to make sure I can find a time that works for you.

I can't wait to help you through your vision quest!

Many blessings,

If you would like samples of my music, I do short flute meditations on occasion on Instagram @asabovealchemy