Private Harp Meditation - 30 or 60 Minute Zoom Meeting -Meditation, Spiritual Healing, and Astral Projection

Hello and merry meet!
I have been practicing musically aided meditations since I was a small child. I play harp, flutes, and drums to connect us to our Ancestors and to the Earth. Every song will be improvised and based off your energies.

For this meditation, I will play your choice of harp (or I can switch between them if you don't mind a pause in your meditation) to help you through a musically-guided meditation. The music creates an energy exchange and relays messages or helps uncover blockages while you listen. Get in a comfortable position, preferably laying down, and pay attention to stories, symbols, or messages that come to you while you listen.

Amber is a traditional Celtic lever harp by Triplet harps. She has a deeper sound and vibration, and I typically use her for self-love and uncovering blockages healing due to her cherry wood.

Lotus is a therapeutic healing harp by Triplet harps made of maple wood. She has a lighter sound, but not necessarily high-pitched. I use her mostly for spiritual healing, connection with our Ancestors, and Angel work.

This meditation is for 30 or 60 minutes. I can do longer meditations by custom order.

**At checkout, please leave a note for what times works best for you and what email to contact you through. I'll send you a message within 12 hours to set up our zoom meeting. If possible, please give me 24 hours in advance to make sure I can find a time that works for you. If you would like to share any details about what your intentions are for the meditation, I can make sure to choose the right harp or key if you are unsure.

I can't wait to help you through your vision quest!

Many blessings,

If you would like samples of my music, I do short flute meditations on occasion on Instagram @manystonesmanysouls