Pitter Patter Sachet - Fertility and Pregnancy Sachet


Carry this handmade sachet or hang it in a room to help increase fertility. Made with herbs and 100% pure essential oils, the herbs and scent of this sachet are designed enhance fertility. It can also be used as an Ostara ritual sachet.

This can be hung over a bed post, placed under the pillow, or kept nearby at work. The smaller sachet can be carried in a pocket or purse.

**Please leave a note if you prefer a blue, yellow, or white sachet! Sizes: 3x4 inch Organza Fabric Bag (Pictured) Mini Carry Sachet (colors may vary)

I do not guarantee any outcomes, both physical or metaphysical, from using this product. Do not ingest. This mix is burnable if you decide to use it as an incense. Never leave burning herbs unattended and always use a fire-proof bowl. Remove from the bag before using as incense, and always use appropriate tools.