Natal Chart Reading - You Select Question


Please send your information (birth time, city, and date) to 

Merry meet! I am thrilled and honored to be reading your birth chart and helping you through your next phase of life!

*Please note - I will need your birth time (down to the minute), location (city works, but hospital is even better), and date.

Please leave this information in the note box at checkout, with a quick description of your concerns or issues.

If you're just looking for a general reading, that's fine too. The reading will be sent in PDF format to your email provided. If you have a different email than what you use for Etsy, leave it in the checkout box. This is not a psychic reading - I will be looking at your stars, planets, and/or asteroids in relation to each other and the houses they appear in to guide you.


~ Identity reading: Here we'll be looking at your Sun, Rising, and Moon sign. This is a great reading for re-aligning yourself when you feel out-of-touch or like you're not yourself anymore (or, just because you're curious!).

~ Fertility & Trying to Conceive - for this reading we'll look at blockages and challenges to your trying to conceive journey, or try to point you in the right direction for lifestyle choices that could help you reduce stress and prepare yourself for pregnancy. We'll look at your Moon, Rising sign, Black Moon Lilith, Venus, 4th House and points inside it, and Juno, as well as anything square (or opposing) those signs.

~Alignment reading: this is a step above the identity reading, we'll also look at your Jupiter and Vesta as well to find your purpose and align it with your goals and identity.

~Romance reading: here we'll look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, as well as your Juno to find what traits to look for in a significant other, and determine your own identity in a relationship.

~Relationship reading: For this reading I will need both your birth information as well as your partner. Here we'll look at both of your Sun, Moon, Rising, and Juno signs to find things you are compatible with, and things you may have to compromise for or understand in each other.

~Healing reading: Either after trauma or if something has been bothering you in the back of your head, for this reading we'll look at your Wounded Healer, 12th House, and Pluto to guide you on your healing journey, as well as your Vesta to remind you who you were before this happened.

~Career reading: We'll look at your Sun, Rising, Jupiter, Venus, Pallas, 7th House, 11th house, and possibly 8th house depending on where these point us, to find where you would be best suited in a career, help you transition to a new career or decide on an academic field of study, or help you re-align with your purpose.

~Goddess reading: Here we'll look into your Lilith, Venus, Sun, Rising, and Jupiter to help you step into your power and find your voice and your inner-Goddess.

~Shadow reading: This is an emotionally difficult reading, so be prepared for it! For this reading we'll look at your wounded healer, 12th house, and Pluto, and with the background you give me about your situation or how you are feeling "blocked", we'll look into individual houses to see what may be triggering you, or why you are not moving forward. When we find what the trigger is - it's important for you to be very open and allow yourself to be uncomfortable to work through these emotions and blockages.

~Full natal chart reading: Every one of the 12 houses, your Sun, Rising, Moon signs, North and South node, all the planets, your wounded healer, destiny, point of fortune, and more! These readings can take me up to one week to finish a report on. This comes with a 1 hour zoom meeting for us to discuss, and a PDF copy of your birth chart.

~Follow-up meeting: If you'd like a zoom meeting to discuss anything, or an extra meeting later for reminders or to realign, this option is for a 30 minute meeting. Leave your best available times and time zone in the checkout box, and I'll contact you by email or phone (leave your number) if you prefer to set up or meeting. In all readings I will look to see if there are any competing aspects or positive relationships you should look out for.

HOW IT WORKS: Your birth chart shows us the placement of the stars, planets, asteroids, and other points that were present at your precise location when you were born. We then can look at your individual houses - the map of every major aspect of your life and what is in each. We use this information to get you back on track when you're feeling misaligned, unlock potential, or stir up shadows you need to work on. I use Solar Fire V9 professional software to pull up your chart.

Please allow 2-3 days for smaller readings, and up to a week for a full chart reading. I am so excited to help you unlock your potential, power, and voice through the Stars!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me!