Mustard Seed - Sinapis alba


Common Name: Mustard Seed (yellow).

Scientific name: Sinapis alba

Also known as: White mustard

CONTAINERS (see last picture)


  • 2x3 inch bag
  • 3x5 inch bag
  • 2 oz. amber jar
  • 4 oz. amber jar


  • 2 inch corked vial
  • 3 inch corked vial

*Please note the sizes are based on volume and not weight.


Mustard seeds are used in love sachets and spells, and are particularly helpful for broken heart magic.

Mustard seed can be used as a substitute for arcane salt, and used as a barrier between yourself and negative spirits (such as for casting a circle).

It can also be placed over doorways and windows to keep out negativity.

Mustard is a Masculine herb ruled by Mars/Aries and the Fire element.


Never leave burning herbs unattended and ensure you are using an appropriate fire-proof tool for burning.

Some herbs may have cross-contamination with other herbs - use caution if you have allergies.

Always consult a medical professional before using herbs internally.

Some may cause physical ailments.

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Blessed Be!