Mayan Copal - Protium copal


Common name: Mayan copal

Botanical name: Protium copal 

PROPERTIES Copal is used for love and purification purposes. (See Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs for more). Copal grinds very well in a mortar and pestle and is a great base for incense. It is a masculine resin ruled by the Fire element and the Sun. Mayan copal specifically is used as a ceremonial incense for indigenous tribes in both Mexico and Central America. Mayan copal is a darker gold color, compared to white copal, and has a spicier scent than white copal.

Never leave burning herbs or resins unattended and ensure you are using an appropriate fire-proof tool for burning. 

Always consult a qualified medical professional before using medicinally. Some herbs and resins may cause interactions with body systems and/or medications, and varies by individual.

I do not guarantee metaphysical outcomes from using this product.

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