Leprechaun Jar - Luck & Prosperity Spell Jar


This spell jar has herbs aligned with luck, prosperity, and success.

There is also a tigers eye crystal on the top of the mix, used for prosperity and courage.

How to use:

There's a variety of ways to use a spell jar:

  • Seal your intent in it by placing a small paper inside with your written intentions and burying it or placing it on your altar.
  • Place this by your door or window to prevent negativity or unwanted individuals from entering your home.
  • Bury the contents or the whole jar on a piece of property to protect it and seal your intentions in the Earth.
  • Or, you can just use it as an altar decoration!

Herbs & Contents: 


  • Ginger chunks
  • Basil (homegrown)
  • Orange Peel (home-dried)
  • Irish Moss
  • Cinnamon
  • Cedar Tips (homegrown)
  • Chamomile (homegrown)


  • Tigers Eye
  • Glass clasping jar
  • Triquetra (leave a note if you prefer a different charm)

3.5" tall 3 ounces in volume This mix is burnable if you so choose.
Remove the stone first, and keep the glass away from flame.

Feel free to message me with any questions or comments!

Blessed Be!