Individual Planet or Point Astrology Study - Birth/Natal Chart Reading - Horoscope Reading


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Here we'll get an in-depth look at an individual planet or point of your choice as well as any aspects (influence from other points). We'll also look at if there are any significant constellations in the area of that planet/point.

On a basic level, these are the planets and what they represent generally. Our reading will go into detail about how they could influence you, or how other planets/points might influence that placement in your chart:

Sun - identity, passion, pride
Moon - emotions, raw responses, subconscious feelings and reactions
Mercury - communication, education, thought processes , rationality
Venus - love and money, art, how we enjoy life
Mars - action, assertion, masculine energy, survival
Jupiter - purpose, wealth, expansion, vision/goals
Saturn - sense of stability, fear, control, responsibilities, hard lessons
Uranus - challenging the norm, expression, freedom, independence
Neptune - spirituality, connection to the divine, sacrifice, enchantment
Pluto - death and rebirth, paranoia, crisis, obsession

Lilith (AKA Black Moon) - how we achieve, inner-Goddess or "boss," confidence
Ceres - Mother Goddess asteroid, who we are in a relationship or as a parent

North and South Nodes - destiny and baggage to release, unresolved issues from past life, karmic debt, spiritual goals

Your birth chart shows us the placement of the stars, planets, asteroids, and other points that were present at your precise location when you were born. We then can look at your individual houses - the map of every major aspect of your life and what is in each. We use this information to get you back on track when you're feeling misaligned, unlock potential, or stir up shadows you need to work on. I use Solar Fire V9 professional software to pull up your chart.

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