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Please send your birth info (exact time, place, date) to asabovealchemy@gmail.com.

This listing is for a single specific question only!
If you need a general reading see my shop for other options or send me a message.

A horary chart is used to answer a question or give insights as to why something happened at a certain time. Questions can be anything from locating a lost item to wondering why you crossed paths with a certain person. Know that the more detail you can provide me, the easier it is to point you in the right direction.

*Please note*
I will need the time (down to the minute), location, and date of the issue at hand. Please also provide your birth info (time, place, date) so I can relate the information back to you personally. I can read a horary chart without the birth information, but it makes it much more personalized if I can see patterns between the horary chart and your birth chart.

For questions such as lost items, give the time when you realized they were lost. For questions such as why a particular thing happened, send me the time that it happened.

For example, I used a Horary chart to understand why I had a miscarriage, so I used the time I realized what was happening. You can see in the chart that at that time, my Chiron was entering my 5th house (which rules Children) conjunct my Ceres along with my South Node in my 1st House. I will explain what everything means in your reading. The idea is that when we have that flash of realization, it's because we're connected to the planetary rotations and spiritual guides.

Leave this information in the note box at checkout, or send it to me in a message. You can also give me your birth chart information (time, place, date) if you'd like a more detailed reading on how something affects you personally (such as meetings, relationships, or loss).

When we can pinpoint an exact time and location for an event, we can bring up a map of the planets and stars at that very moment. We then can look at your individual houses - the map of every major aspect of your life and what is in each. I use professional software to pull up your chart.

To set up a zoom meeting, leave a note with times that you are most available. I will send you a follow up message (so please check your email!) to schedule and send the zoom meeting link. This meeting is for 30 minutes, and can be extended up to 15 minutes extra if need be.

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee any physical or metaphysical outcomes from this reading.