Hawthorn Berries - Crataegus oxacantha


Common name: Hawthorn Berries

Botanical name: Crataegus oxacantha


  • 2x3 Inch Bag
  • 3x5 Inch Bag
  • 2 oz. Jar
  • 4 oz. Jar


Hawthorn is used to increase fertility and is often used in weddings.

It has protective properties, specifically from storms, and is useful in faerie magick. (See Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs for more).

Hawthorn is a masculine herb ruled by Mars and Fire.


Never leave burning herbs unattended and ensure you are using an appropriate fire-proof tool for burning.


Always consult a qualified medical professional before using medicinally. Some herbs and resins may cause interactions with body systems and/or medications, and varies by individual.


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Blessed Be!