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Hand Wrapped Cleansing Stick - Smudge Stick with Homegrown Herbs


This listing is for one smudge stick.

Ready to ship.

The herbs came from my garden in Upstate NY throughout October and early November (2020).

I wrap each one with positive, loving intent.


average between 10-12 inches long.

Each has flowers between


  • Green sage:

Sage is worn for protection, used to promote wisdom, and is used in healing and money spells.

Sage is a Masculine herb ruled by the Air Element and Jupiter.

  • Rosemary (my favorite cleansing herb!):

Rosemary is used for purifying an area when burned, is put under the pillow for good dreams, is worn for memory aid, is used in love and lust incenses, and is burned on charcoal to receive knowledge or an answer to a question.

It can be used as a substitute for frankincense.

Rosemary is a Masculine herb ruled by the Fire Element and the Sun.

  • Lavender Leaf:

Lavender is used in love spells and sachets, and can induce sleep when burned (please never leave an incense burning during sleep though!).

It is often used in healing mixtures and for wishes

Lavender is a Masculine herb ruled by the Air Element and Mercury.

  • Peppermint:

Peppermint is used in healing and mixtures and is used in purification spells.

It can also be used in travel and money spells, and it can be used as a substitute for other mints in spells and incense.

Peppermint is a Masculine Herb ruled by the Fire Element and Mercury.

  • Thyme:

Thyme can be burned, worn, and carried for different purposes.

In general, Thyme is used for good health and in healing spells.

It can also be burned to purify a room or cleanse the area before magickal workings and rituals.

It can also be placed under the pillow to get rid of nightmares.

  • Oregano:

Oregano is used as a spell enhancer.

Add to money, love, and/or health spells and incense to enhance them.

  • Basil:

Basil Leaves can be used in love spells, but is a strong prosperity spell.

It is also a wonderful kitchen herb for protection and keeping away negative energies.

  • Spearmint:

Spearmint is used in healing workings and mental clarity, which makes it ideal for mediation and psychic work.

Spearmint is a Feminine Herb ruled by the Water Element and Venus.

  • Mugwort:

Mugwort can be used for strength, dreams, protection, and healing.

It can also be used to wash magickal tools with.

Mugwort is a feminine herb ruled by the Earth element and corresponds with Venus.

  • Borage:

Borage Herb is used for strength and courage, especially when making big changes and working on self-esteem.

It's a great self-love herb.

Feel free to message me with any questions or comments!

Blessed Be!