Graveyard Dirt Substitute


This mix was made as a substitute for graveyard dirt.

Graveyard dirt is used in a variety of spells for spirit work and conjuring, as well as spells for breaking away from things or people.

Scent may vary slightly between bottles.


**PLEASE NOTE - one of the ingredients - valerian root - has a strong, not very pleasant smell (Almost a death-like smell).

If you plan to burn this as an incense and you are sensitive to this smell, leave a note and I can omit it.-**


Sizes Available -


  • 2x3 Inch Bag
  • 3x5 Inch Bag
  • 2 oz. Jar
  • 4 oz. Jar
  • 2 Inch corked Vial
  • 3 Inch corked Vial



I do not guarantee any metaphysical outcomes from using this incense.

Do not leave burning incense unattended; always use heat-proof tools.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, or special requests!

Blessed Be!