Gemini Zodiac Loose Incense


Burn this incense to connect with Gemini energies.

Geminis are intelligent, friendly, and curious individuals. They are compassionate friends and great co-workers. However, when misaligned from their sign, they can become restless and neurotic.

This incense blend was made with herbs and resins to realign Geminis and bring forth their positive attributes, calm the senses, dispel negativity, and bring them back to their happy and upbeat selves.

Sizes Available -

  • 2x3 Inch Bag
  • 3x5 Inch Bag
  • 2 oz Amber Jar
  • 4 oz Amber Jar
  • 2 Inch corked Vial
  • 3 Inch corked Vial

*Please note the sizes are based on volume and not physical weight.

Gemini Associations:

  • Element - Air
  • Polarity - Positive
  • Quality - Mutable
  • Ruler - Mercury


This incense is my own recipe made through research of elemental herbs. All incense are tested on bamboo charcoal. Scent may vary slightly between bottles.

I do not guarantee metaphysical outcomes from using this incense. 


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, or special requests!

Blessed Be!