Fertility & TTC Blockages Reading - Astrology Birth/Natal Chart Reading - Horoscope


Please send your information (birth time, city, and date) to asabovealchemy@gmail.com. 

Merry meet! I am thrilled and honored to be reading your birth chart and helping you through your next phase of life! I have worked with many men and women's birth charts to help them identify why they may be having challenges to their fertility journey, and help them to get around blockages using the transits of planets and points in their chart.

Fertility & Trying to Conceive Reading - for this reading we'll look at blockages and challenges to your trying to conceive journey, or try to point you in the right direction for lifestyle choices that could help you reduce stress and prepare yourself for pregnancy. We'll focus on your 5th House - the house that rules our "creations" (including creating children), as well as your Moon, Ceres/Hera asteroid, and potentially negative aspects that affect them (such as Mars or Saturn). If you have "negative" aspects in your chart, we'll look at how we can minimize their affect by looking at their current future transits in your chart.

*Please note*
I will need the time (down to the minute), location, and date of birth. Please leave this information in the note box at checkout, or send it to me in a message.
Please share whatever details you're willing to, to help me focus on the right points. You can leave a note in the box or send a message.

Your birth chart shows us the placement of the stars, planets, asteroids, and other points that were present at your precise location when you were born. We then can look at your individual houses - the map of every major aspect of your life and what is in each. We use this information to get you back on track when you're feeling misaligned, unlock potential, or stir up shadows you need to work on. I use Solar Fire V9 professional software to pull up your chart.

To set up a zoom meeting, leave a note with times that you are most available. I will send you a follow up message (so please check your email!) to schedule and send the zoom meeting link. This meeting is for 30 minutes, and can be extended up to 15 minutes extra if need be.

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee any physical or metaphysical outcomes from this reading.