Elder Flowers - Sambucus


Common name: Elder flowers

Botanical name: Sambucus

SIZES AVAILABLE (See last picture):


  • 2x3 Inch Bag
  • 3x5 Inch Bag
  • 2 oz. Jar
  • 4 oz. Jar


  • 2 Inch Corked Vial
  • 3 Inch Corked Vial


  • Elder is a feminine herb ruled by the Water element and Venus.
  • It is used for warding away depression, spirituality, joy, and psychic work.


Do not leave burning herbs unattended; Always use a heat-proof surface and tools.

We do not guarantee any metaphysical outcomes.

Always consult a qualified medical professional before using medicinally. Some herbs and resins may cause interactions with body systems and/or medications, and varies by individual.