Divine Masculine - Loose Incense - Sacred Masculine Action Energy Incense - God Incense


Burn for aligning with sacred masculine "action" energy. Although this incense aligns with most male deities, masculine energy is not restricted to gender - it is a type of energetic, powerful, action energy each person possesses. This is the energy that gets things done and brings our ideas into reality. There is a time and a place for both feminine and masculine energy, but this incense helps align with masculine energy for making progress, getting things done, manifesting into the physical plane, success, or aligning with Mars and finding the spark of energy you need - or to help balance you if you feel you are being ruled by feminine energy.

This incense is my own recipe made through research of magickal herbs. Scent may vary slightly between bottles. Herbs are mixed via mortar and pestle with pure intent, and my mortar and pestle is cleaned between recipes using olive oil instead of rubbing alcohol. No Saltpeter is used in any of my incense.

Sizes Available -
2x3 Inch Bag
3x5 Inch Bag
2 oz Amber Jar
4 oz Amber Jar

2 Inch corked Vial
3 Inch corked Vial

*Please note the sizes are based on volume and not physical weight.

I do not guarantee any metaphysical outcomes from using this incense.
Do not leave burning incense unattended; always use heat-proof tools.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, or special requests!