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Custom Poppet - Herb-stuffed Spirit Doll - Voodoo Doll with Taglock Pouch and Crystals - Customized Metaphysical Properties


This listing is for a custom poppet aligned with your properties.

Send me a message to discuss what you would like, or leave a note at checkout for specifics.

You can also leave a note asking for a specific property (prosperity, protection, love, etc.) and I will make her according to those properties.

Each poppet has a mix of herbs and two crystals - one small crystal in her heart pouch and carrying another.

If you prefer a list of herbs and crystals, send me a message!

Dimensions: 5 inches tall

Colors (pick a base color and an accent color):

  • Black - protection, hex breaking, banishing
  • White - purification, healing, aura work
  • Brown - stability, grounding, home and pet workings
  • Red - love, courage, fire working
  • Pink - love, family, friendship, self-improvement
  • Orange - creativity, ambition, study help
  • Yellow - happiness, air element work, inspiration
  • Green - success, prosperity, luck, earth element work
  • Blue - astral projection, water element work, communication
  • Purple - spiritual connection, wisdom, spirit work

Please contact me with any questions or custom orders!

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee any metaphysical outcomes from using this poppet.