Circle Salt Mix - Arcane Salt


This listing is for our circle salt mix. It is used for casting circles, cleansing spiritual supplies and tools, and protection grids and spells from negativity.

*Please note sizes are based on volume and not physical weight.


How much do you need? For the first photo, I used about 3/4 of a 3x5 bag to sit comfortably in. If you plan to use the salt for a protection grid or spell, or placing above doorways, windows, etc., a 2x3 bag should be fine for most people.

Can I re-use the salt? If you are just doing some casual studying or positive casting, clean your space before you cast your circle and just sweep it back up when you're done. However, if you feel you were sent a negative attack during your spell casting, or if you feel the salt is losing it's power, I suggest burying the salt and asking the Earth to recycle it's energies, and not re-using it.

Properties: Salts are traditionally used in Witchcraft, Spiritualist, Wiccan, and Pagan workings to absorb negative energies and offer protection.

Warning: *Salt might pop when burned or heated- use with caution* Feel free to message me with any questions or comments!