Choose Your Own Crystals - Rough




Please send your choices to or my instagram @asabovealchemy. 


All stones are set out under full moons to charge, washed in water, and smudged with White Sage to remove any negativity. Stones will come labeled, individually wrapped for protection, and with a bag. You may choose your own stones or indicate what properties you're looking for and we can chose them based on that (ex: love, relaxation, chakras, etc.)

Please select the number of stones you want and leave a note at checkout for which ones you want. Send us a message to inquire about larger quantities. Stones with * have a limited quantity - so we may contact you if you're looking for more than one.

If something is small I will do two in place of one.

Available crystals:

  1. Amazonite
  2. Amethyst (only small pieces left)
  3. Aventurine
  4. Black Onyx
  5. Blue Calcite*
  6. Black Jasper
  7. Dendritic Chalcedony
  8. Diopside*
  9. Desert Jasper
  10. Fire Quartz (only small pieces left, or larger pieces without a lot of red)
  11. Fluorite
  12. Fuchsite
  13. Hematite
  14. Howlite*
  15. Kambaba Jasper
  16. Labradorite
  17. Lapis Lazuli
  18. Lepidolite
  19. Mahogoany Obsidian
  20. Mookaite
  21. Morganite
  22. Moss Agate
  23. Blue Apatite
  24. Nephrite Jade
  25. Obsidian
  26. Ocean Jasper
  27. Orange Calcite
  28. Orange Quartz
  29. Patagonia Agate
  30. Peach Moonstone (small but vibrant pieces left)
  31. Petrified Wood
  32. Pink Opal
  33. Quartz Chunks
  34. Quartz Points (small to medium)
  35. Red Calcite
  36. Red Jasper
  37. Rhodonite
  38. Rose Quartz
  39. Rutilated Quartz
  40. Sky Blue Quartz
  41. Smoky Quartz
  42. Sodalite
  43. Strawberry Quartz (small pieces left)
  44. Sunstone
  45. Unakite
  46. White Onyx
  47. Yellow Jasper
  48. Zebra (Web) Jasper
  49. Zebra Onyx Please


Note: For legal purposes I must say this is for entertainment purposes only and I do not guarantee any divination outcomes or the accuracy of my identification.