BULK - 1 pound - Myrrh Resin - Pea Size


This listing is for 1 pound of sifted pea size Myrrh resin.

Hand packaged.


  • Myrrh purifies and lifts vibrations when burned as an incense. It also is used in healing incense and sachets, usually with frankincense.
  • It is frequently combined with other herbs and resins, and is said to increase the power of the incense it is added to. (See Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs for more).
  • Myrrh is a Feminine herb ruled by the Water Element and Moon.


Never leave burning herbs unattended and ensure you are using an appropriate fire-proof tool for burning.



Always consult a qualified medical professional before using herbs medicinally. Some can interact with medications and/or body systems, and vary between individuals. 


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