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Banishing & Exorcism - PDF Version Beginner to Intermediate Spells



Merry Meet! I am excited to share my journey with you! I have been practicing magick all my life and am now sharing my work with the world. These spells require no religious alignment or Deity worship. They are all based in spirituality and energy.

As many of us who practice the old ways have experienced, I've had several encounters with not-so-friendly spirits. This spell book is for those of you who are dealing with negative spirits, or simply don't want to be bothered by one. Furthermore, there are spells for banishing toxic individuals from your life and curse breaking (including your own).

These spells can be adjusted between beginner and intermediate meditation and spell casting. However, they assume the user has a basic knowledge of spell casting and safety.


~This Spell Book~

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Included are the following spells & instruction:

  • Herbs,oils, and crystals used in banishing, exorcism, and curse breaking
  • Preventative & home protections spells:
  • 1. Salt Method
  • 2. Selenite Method
  • 3. Runes or Sigils
  • 4. Orange Preventative Method

Banishing spells:

  • 1. Ghost and spirit banishing spell
  • 2. Fire Banishing for individuals or curse breaking For an individual, a curse directed at you, and your own curse

Attached Spirit Exorcism Spell:

  • 1. Shield or exorcism sachet
  • 2. Circle trap
  • 3. Ritual Bath


~Disclaimer~ I do not guarantee any physical or metaphysical outcomes from using these spells.

Be careful when using fire, and always contain flames in a fireproof container.

Do not redistribute.



If you need any advice or clarification on these spells, feel free to contact me at

I am always looking to improve my spell books, so if you see anything that needs fixing, let me know!


~Requests for Spells~ I am in the process of writing more spell books. If you have a particular issue you would like a spell written for, use the "Request Custom Order" button, or contact me.

Blessed Be!