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As Above, So Below - Hand-Carved & Painted Selenite Athame


This is a selenite crystal Athame used for opening circles and ritual work. It was inspired by energies of The Morrigan.

You will receive the exact athame pictured. Every athame is different and one of a kind. This athame was painted with professional acrylic paints - when coloring selenite, the dye sometimes runs down the selenite rods (see photo 2). I think this adds to the charm, but just know there are imperfections.

DIMENSIONS: 7.9 inches long, 1.5 inches wide at it's widest point.

Colors: Double black (protection, banishing negativity) Red (power, vitality, strength) Charm: Pentacle (Let me know if you'd like something different!)

Energies: Power, strength, protection, wisdom

Disclaimer: This is not a "perfect" stone and has little dents in some places. I do not guarantee any metaphysical outcomes from using this athame. Keep ribbon away from flames.