Shadow Work & Blockages Reading - Astrology Birth Chart Reading - Natal Chart Report


Please send your information (birth time, city, and date) to 


This is an emotionally difficult reading, so be prepared for it!

For this reading we'll look at your wounded healer, 12th house, and Pluto, and with the background you give me about your situation or how you are feeling "blocked", we'll look into individual houses to see what may be triggering you, or why you are not moving forward. When we find what the trigger is - it's important for you to be very open and allow yourself to be uncomfortable to work through these emotions and blockages.

HOW IT WORKS: Your birth chart shows us the placement of the stars, planets, asteroids, and other points that were present at your precise location when you were born. We then can look at your individual houses - the map of every major aspect of your life and what is in each. We use this information to get you back on track when you're feeling misaligned, unlock potential, or stir up shadows you need to work on. I use Solar Fire V9 professional software to pull up your chart.

*Please note* I will need the time (down to the minute), location, and date of birth. Leave this information in the note box at checkout, or send it to me in a message. 

It's also helpful if you leave a note with as many details as you're willing to share!


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Zoom meeting option:

To set up a zoom meeting, leave a note with times that you are most available. I will send you a follow up message (so please check your email!) to schedule and send the zoom meeting link. This meeting is for 45 minutes, and can be extended up to 20 minutes if need be.